You Don’t Want to Miss This….

Sooooo, I have a little….giggle….blush….squeal…..secret….
Are you ready for some BIG news?
I am now the West Coast Regional Copic Instructor for Imagination International Inc.  No…NO…FOR REALS!!!  I will be joining the AMAZING team with Debbie Olson, Cindy Lawrence and Michelle Houghton.   What does this mean?  This means I will be traveling, mainly on the West Coast to select areas and teaching the Copic Beginning and Intermediate Certification courses, as well as their fun workshops.  OH, YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!  Do you know how thrilled I am to add this to what I am currently doing.  Yes, I will still do my Boot Camps in Phoenix and I hope to see you at one of them!  But now this gives you more opportunity to join me in a Copic Certification class or workshop.  We will get to hang out even more now!!  Keep an eye out for next years schedule and be sure and sign up right away.  If you can’t make one of mine, PLEASE go to one of the other amazing instructors classes.  You get so much guidance and quality teaching from these ladies.  Nothing compares to taking a class in person, plus the opportunity to hang out with like minded people!
So in celebration of my acceptance for this place of honor, the Imagination International Inc/Regional Instructors and Copic Blog Team are having a fun hop…and what’s a hop without a frog?
I have created this piece using one of the Copic Doodle Packs Doodle Pack Green.  Have you seen them before?  What is a Doodle pack you ask?  A Doodle Pack is a color-coordinated, theme assorted pack with two Ciao markers, a Multiliner and a glitter pen.   This is the perfect gift for a friend who loves to doodle!  Its the perfect size for travel, combine it with a small notepad for the road and you are good to go.  I just happened to take it with me to the RV last weekend and even though I had my whole box of Copic goodness (all 358 markers) with me, I refrained from use of any other product other then a pencil.  I wanted to see what I could accomplish with using what they have picked for the Doodle pack.  With no light box, transfer paper or Tracing Memories App I had to go old school and DRAW this little guy.  I do love tools that make things quicker but also enjoyed the process of bringing this guy to life just by using what I saw in the inspiration photo.  Mind you the photo was of a yellow and black frog.  
Here he is just waiting for the Doodle Pack…This Doodle Pack has an Olive Multiliner…so I just traced over the lines with the Multiliner and then proceeded to color it in with the two Ciao markers (G14 and YG41)…that’s it…2 markers and a multiliner!
Please check out what the rest of what the Copic team created in celebration of little ol’ me!  
Before you go we have a little goodbye…
We are also saying goodbye to Lori Craig from the Regional Instructor team.  She might be leaving the team but it is for new and great things.  Lori is now handling all of the NEW Tommy Chalk Paint line for Imagination International.  She is super excited about this new endeavor and I am sure you will be seeing some amazing stuff using this product soon!  For those that got blessed to be in one of her classes I know you know that she will rock the Tommy Chalk side of things!
Thank you all for your years of support and love.  Thank you for commenting, following and sharing.  Your comments lift me up and encourage me to soar to new heights!  I look forward to seeing you in the future at one of my personal events or a Imagination International Copic class!
Jennifer Dove

55 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to Miss This….

  1. OMGosh! Now I will want to do my certification all over again just to be in your class!!!!! Just kidding of course…I REALLY want to come to boot camp and the other advanced class you have! I WILL make it out there!

  2. Congratulations on joining the team. I am willing to learn from any of you professional colic coloring teachers!!! I need a lot of help!!! ??

  3. I have admired your work for years and can finally see it on this team. Congratulations! And I love your frog today!!

  4. That frog is adorable! Congratulations on joining the Copic Instructors team. I've been a follower of your talent and art for a long while. I can only hope that you might like to take a trip to Canada in your future… Ontario specifically lol.

  5. oooooh keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be somewhere close to Sacramento! Congratulations- you so deserve this!

  6. A huge CONGRATS to you, Jennifer!!!! I'm so excited for you, and I hope to go to one of your events someday! (You're so right about going to the classes and workshops in person!) Amazing frog, btw!!! ?

  7. Eeeeek! I've wanted to take your Bootcamp for years but haven't been able to swing it. Now you'll be coming to my area!!! Can't wait to take one of your classes. Welcome to the team! (Love the frog btw!)

  8. Congratulations Jen! Outstanding and you've earned it. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels. Hope to see you soon. Lynn

  9. Congrats to you!
    Love the frog and your awesome coloring! I am on the west coast, so maybe I'll meet you in a class if you offer one in the Sacramento area!

  10. Huge congratulations, Jennifer. You are such an amazing artist. I'm excited that you are part of the west coast team. I'm in WA state and would love the opportunity to meet you one day. All my best to Lori, another talented artist.

  11. Such a cute frog Jennifer and amazingly well coloured! I am taking a road trip this summer and am taking my colouring with me! Sadly, I am still collecting my Copic markers so I don't have enough of them for this trip but I do love colouring on the go! Once I get enough I am going to begin my online Copic class that I won a few months ago and I am looking forward to taking them along whenever possible.
    A HUGE Congratulations to both you and Lori on your new positions. How exciting!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  12. YIPPEE!! So happy you'll be joining the Copic team and on the West Coast! I still want to attend your boot camp, and will get there one of these days, but in the meantime will check out your Copic class schedule as well. So happy for Lori who I was fortunate to have as my first experience with these fabulous markers. She'll rock the Tommy Paint world that's for sure…
    Love your little frog… your artwork inspires us all… thanks for that!

  13. Congratulations!! I have met Cindy personally and like her a lot!! I am sure it will go very well for you! The Copic method is my fav way to color! 🙂

  14. Well deserved Jenn…it will be a mutual admiration society I'm sure as you get to be with the other team members.. what a fun adventure to be you! Congratulations you talented,funny,beautiful woman!

  15. Your frog is super cool-you are so talented. Love everything that you do. Congrats on the new gig….you deserve it! Thanks for the chance to win one of the new Doodle Packs-would LOVE it, would be perfect for when we go out camping;-)

  16. Congratulations, Jenn. You certainly have the skills and you're a great people person. We are certainly excited for you.

  17. Congrats Jenn! You are an awesome addition to their team! I loved the 2017 Advanced Copic Retreat and look forward to learning more from all of you!

  18. Congrats on the new position. Copic made a smart choice in selecting you for the position. I have enjoyed attending your Boot Camps and am sure you will bring all of that knowledge and excitement to the certification classes as well.

  19. Nobody deserves it more. You are an amazing teacher. You are a great person. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! sSuper happy and proud of you.

  20. Congratulations! I loved the class I had with you so I know you will do an awesome job. Hopefully I'll get to have another class with you.

  21. Congratulations! I so want to learn to color with Copics. Will be watching to see if you are ever in Colorado Springs.

  22. This is brilliant news Jennifer, so pleased for you – those Copic Doodke Packs look like fabulous fun!
    Love from Sue…xxx❤️

  23. I just had to pop over to your blog to congratulate you!! Wonderful news!! Love your style. Thank you for all the beautiful cards you send me (email)

  24. I am so happy for you, and so very very proud!!! You deserve this and your students will be so lucky to have you certify them! You are such an amazing artist and colorist…now you get to share it with even more people. How lucky they will be. Remember we have to be friends until we are ghost…. (must stick to the plan!)

  25. WOW what can't you do?? I have already taken both the beginners and intermediate Copic classes as well as many of the art classes. You are so amazing and deserve all the wonderful things happening to you. I love your personality and feel honored to call you friend. If you come to the Anaheim area I just might have to take those classes again!!!

  26. Wow !!! Jenn, congrats ! You are truly amazing. I am so very proud of you. It's such fun to watch you.I am never quite sure what's next but it is a ride I don't want to miss..see you soon. And thanks for sharing you and how you color. I may have to add certifications to my list.. you go girl…

  27. So exciting!! I love the frog!!!! ribit! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway… ribit, ribit! 8)~* .. that's a frog catching a fly, just like I hope I catch this giveaway, lol.

  28. "what's a blog hop without a frog?" LOL!! I love it! And your frog is AH-MAZING! I am looking forward to a class or two from you (in the Phoenix area). I'm just now starting my Copic collection…I have 6 so far, LOL! Congrats on your new position!

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