Copic Must Haves – X-Press It Tape

I am not one to like to mess with tape adhesive.  It can be annoying with all the tiny pieces of backing you have to try to peel off…not only that, but the mess of all the little pieces of backing stuck everywhere when I’m done.  So why am I talking about this product in my Must Haves?   Recently I discovered a more efficient way to use it and I thought I would share it with you.

In the past I placed the adhesive (with backing) on the back side of my project, usually about an inch to two inch pieces with spaces in between.   Using a craft knife or tweezers I would remove the backing and then adhere my pieces together.  It felt tedious and as I am always on a time crunch I opted for other adhesives.  Recently after playing around with the tape a bit more I had an idea.  It seemed so simple and solved all my issues I was having before…

INSTEAD of tearing the adhesive AND backing at the desired lengths, why not just tear the ADHESIVE ONLY and leave the backing in tact and still attached on the roll?  WOW…no more little pieces.

Here is what I now do:

1.  Lay the adhesive/backing down onto the project.
2.  Pull up on the backing exposing the adhesive.
3.  Move your fingers to the place where the adhesive and backing still meet (should be where you want the adhesive to end) and give a little tug.   This will keep the backing from tearing but allow the adhesive to break free.
4.  When your roll gets too long of the used backing “tail” then tear it off and start over.

Hopefully this makes sense as it is hard to explain, but easy to do.

This is the best double-sided, high-tack tape I have used.  I love the fact that I don’t need to CUT the pieces, but can tear it.  There are 3 different sizes to choose from, but the one I use currently is 1/4″ wide and has 55 yards of tape.  I love that it is heat resistant so I can do some quick heat embossing.  I have used it to hold on Micro beads and glitters.

For this card I used it to secure the layers as well as hold the lace onto the back of the card.  This card sure isn’t falling apart on me!

You can find the Double-sided High-tack tape adhesive at your local craft stores or 
BV20 BV23
B21 B24 B28
N0 – N5, N7 N10
G24 G46
Wanna see what inspired me to create this card?  I think its funny that my card looks nothing like it but is what gave me the inspiration.  I do love the look of cream, white on gray with a tiny dash of color.  Maybe I can pull it off next time.