Get Out Of My Space

Got your attention didn’t I?  Have you wondered how others work?  Are they in a closet coloring, do they color with a board resting on their lap, are they lucky to have a designated area for crafting?  I always wonder.  Well I thought I would share with you my work space.

I sit in a rolling chair and like a doctor I roll between my counter areas.  Grab markers and go!  I am surprised there is not a worn path.  With kid grabbing anything loose and dog at my feet I work as quick as possible so that I don’t get bumped and have to fix a mistake.  On a good day I can work while the little one naps (about 1 hour a day).

(Look at what it looks like if I move the piles out of the way)

I would have loved to show you a neat and clean, sanitary, organized space…but that just isn’t me at this time in my life.  This is the chaos I live in, and frankly I am okay with it until life slows and I can make it all pretty.  When I am coloring it just doesnt matter.  I love my Copic colors in view and out for display…they make me happy.  I usually work directly in front and to the right of my monitors and that is the only place with a clean space (normally).  I have about 4 or more projects and deadlines going on at once and a pile of stuff pending once I get a spare moment.  This is my life.  So I am normal (well maybe not so much), I am messy, I am always working the night before a deadline, and I am happy with it.  Don’t worry…I know where everything is! Thank you for stopping in, glad I could give you a peek at my life as it is right at THIS moment!

Jennifer Dove

13 thoughts on “Get Out Of My Space

  1. WOW, very impressive. I thought it was a shop first. Where do you do your coloring ? can you move your markers or do you just get out the ones you need for your project.

    hugs from France, Joanne

  2. Thank goodness…some whose work space looks like mine. Thank you for all the inspiration and now the comfort of knowing there are others like me who fit my sister's description of me….she lives in organized chaos and creative disorder. So true.

  3. Oh Jenn,. Thank you so much.. I can get myself out of trouble with these pics. At least the floor seems clear..Lol gotta love it.

  4. I think your space is lovely, and normal for a creator of all things beautiful. smiles I always say, that a crafter has time to create, or organize! I choose now to create, because it is much more fun. I have had my day of just organizing my stuff, and having no time to create, edit, and so on…hahaha Thanks for sharing your world today. It sure looked amazing considering all you do for us. Thanks so much …..

  5. I was so happy to see the "mess"! Now I don't feel like mine is the only crazy messy place. It's nice to have company. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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