Must Have’s – Copic Opaque White

If you haven’t gotten any Copic Opaque White yet it is a MUST for your Copic supplies.  Last week I posted a large piece of artwork I created using the Copic Wides and in that piece I created the appearance of water drops on the splats, using the Copic Opaque White and a fine paint brush.

Most the time in the past I use it sparingly for the whites of eyes or the center of a flower but this time I actually used it as a paint and “painted” with it.  Adding the Opaque White to the edge of the drops and then adding a little water to the brush I brought the white inward.  The further out I brought it and the more watered down it was the more translucent it became.  I really loved the look…so much so i am going to experiment some more.

You can fine the Opaque White in two different containers depending on what you plan on using it for.  If you decide to buy the jar of opaque white here are a few hints for you.
  • Water-based pigment
  • Easy warm water clean-up
  • Net. 30 cc
Perfect for finishing highlights and effects. It won’t bleed into your base color and allows for sharp line definition. Opaque White works great on permanent inks as well as water color. Apply Opaque white with a brush. Easily thins with water for added effects.
1.  Always stir before use.  I found that it tends to separate and the water ends up towards the bottom.    If you want a nice even mixture…then mix
2.  If it has to much air exposed to it it will thicken.  Just add a tiny amount of water to refresh it.
3.  ALWAYS wipe off the rim before closing it snugly or air can get into it and it will dry up.
** I like to store mine upside-down to eliminate issues with air.
  • Water-based pigment
  • Easy warm water clean-up
  • Net 10 ml
The other way it comes is in a smaller bottle with a fine liner brush.  It already has the applicator with it so you do not have to carry a paint brush around with it.  It makes applying the highlights and details so easy.  It won’t bleed into your base colors which is so nice when adding highlights.
Give it a try and see what you think!

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  1. This explains why my jar is not as smooth as it once was. I need to use it more as I see the beautiful highlights created and now I know how to slightly thin it out.

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