Rest Your Soul

So here is the deal…I have an overabundance of crafting supplies (most of us do).  When my mother asked me if I wanted some pieces of a hornets nest (hornets not included) I said “well yes I do but put it in an envelope cause I need to hide it from the husband”.  Now don’t get me wrong, he is very supportive of my craft…but hornet paper, really?  What the heck are you gonna do with that?  Well…let me tell you…

…use it on a card…duh!  I decided  to use one of the new releases from CCDesigns Rubber Stamp “Young Fawn” by DoveArt studios.  I wanted both a hard and soft look to it so I used cheese cloth and a pearl pen for the soft look and hornets nest, tree bark and stick for the hard look. 
I don’t think this card will do well to be mailed, so I guess it will have to sit on a shelf to be looked at.

Log E55 E57 E79
Grass YG91 YG93 YG97
Fawn E40 E41 E42 E43 E44
Leaves: G82 G24 G29
Flowers Y00 B21 B63 B66
Rock C1 C3 C5 C7

9 thoughts on “Rest Your Soul

  1. Your talent amazed me the first card I saw that you had done and you continue to raise the bar to the sky and beyond…you are one of the most gifted artists I've had the pleasure to meet.

  2. Now every hornet's nest or other nest I look at won't look like something that needs to be sprayed. I'll think of your creativity and maybe think what I could do with it. You're so clever. This is a nice piece of art. I hope nobody tries to take up residence again. HA HA.

  3. Hornet's what?! Well, I guess you've made a believer of me. I wouldn't take the stuff home but if it was in front of me then I'd use it. LOL. Fabulous project!

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