Shout Out – Copic Boot Camp Sponsors 2015

I wanted to take time to thank all the Copic Boot Camp Sponsors for our last weekend retreat.  it was a HUGE success and everyone was so thrilled with all the love you poured upon them in form of products and gift certificates!  You were the icing on the cake!!

Lynn Harlow (Dreamweaver Stencils)
1780 W. Ranch Road   Tempe, AZ 85283
A SPECIAL thank you to The Drury Hotel in Tempe for their undivided attention to details, delicious food, very helpful attitudes, clean environment, attentive employees and welcoming atmosphere!!  WE WILL BE RETURNING!!

3 thoughts on “Shout Out – Copic Boot Camp Sponsors 2015

  1. I'm glad everyone had a good time. Maybe one year for me. What wonderful sponsors. Not to mention some not too shabby talent teaching. Maybe I'll come early next year and be a helper. Kinda like an elf with privileges. Hah!

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