Good Luck!

Make it Crafty is at it again with another great challenge.  This one is “cast Shadows”  I am not completely happy with this…but with that said I do like the shadows from their hands.  Something isn’t quite right….I think its the shadows at the front of her dress and the front of his pants…but sometimes you just got to let it go.  I hope you can join in on the fun one of these days, and as you can see you don’t have to be perfect…just have fun!
Image by: Make It Crafty
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7 thoughts on “Good Luck!

  1. The beer cans were a great addition. I wouldn't have even put cast shadows in. Yours looks great. Love how you made the veil look so nice and sheer at the heart. Beautimous.

  2. Your colouring is amazing, such a great job on the veil. I need lots of practice at these techniques! I've just joined your blog via Facebook group Passionate Paper Creations and I would love you to join me xx

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