Its a Fall Theme – All Dressed Up Challenge

Okay, when I think fall colors these were not the first that popped into my mind…but yummy, they worked!  When Wendy created this image I knew I HAD to play with it!!

UH OH…where did I put my notes!!!!
BV23 BV31 – Shadow
RV63 RV66 RV69 – Pinks
B13 B15 B49 – Teals
E41 E42 E43

9 thoughts on “Its a Fall Theme – All Dressed Up Challenge

  1. Holy mackerel!!! Your rabbit looks like you could pick it up and hug it, which is exactly what I'd like to do… this is by far your best work!

  2. I agree with Vivienne. I had to take a second look – because the bunny looked so real – like a stuffed bunny. Fabulous job. Love the colors, textures and patterns.

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