Bundle of Joy x’s 2

I just couldn’t imagine getting news that I was having not one but two little ones (let alone more).  This image is perfect for that special baby occasion or “best buddies”  “Two peas in a pod”  and more.  You have so many color options to match your pattern paper it really makes it quite easy.  Grad your House-Mouse Designs ® image and get started, or join me at my next card class in Arizona and lets have some fun.  (You will still want this stamp!).  I love how the minty green goes with red, white and blue…don’t you?  Who would have thunk!

E50 51 93
C1 3 5
E41 42 43
B93 97
G40 43 46

3 thoughts on “Bundle of Joy x’s 2

  1. Darling, card x2!! I love that you colored the mice two different colors. When I read the first sentence quickly, I thought you were telling us that you were having twins! I just about freaked out!

  2. sweet, sweet, sweet, very sweet card. I love the colors also. so fun that you and my daughter are expecting around the same time…you are once again enabling me (LOL) to purchase goodies. So I must buy a few baby stamps…this is on my list for sure…too precious. We also found out that she is having a little boy….most of her friends were hoping she would have a little girl, since most of their friends have all had boys this past year….but this little guy will be dressed to the tilt and stying even so. LOL….Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. OMG the coloring on this is amazing!! Those shoe strings look nothing but real!! This one is a double thunker and a DIBS!

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