Kick in the Pants…

Do you ever feel like you need a little push to get yourself going.  My mojo has gotten all wacky (I am sure its the hormones) and I just felt like I was spinning my wheel and didn’t want to do ANYTHING.  Nothing like a little kick in the pants by deadlines…yes when it’s due on the day you decide to start a project.  Thank you Make It Crafty for always being the motivation I need with your FUN challenges.  This months challenge is (easy) with pink and brown, or (hard) curly hair.  So I combined them.  You can join in on the coloring fun HERE on the 1st of JUNE (my bad I posted a few days early).  You have until the end of June to create some yummy.

dress E40 41 42 43 44
skin E50 51 21
berries RV34 17 19
hair E33 25 79
leaves YG25 G24 28

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