“Sweet” Elf

How about a little more inspiration.  This elf is new to the store and has the cutest little grin.  I had fun coloring up this one…ok, I have fun with them all…who am I kidding.  If you look closely you can see I followed  the sketch challenge from the MIC fan FB page.  Notice how the light source is coming from the right?  Do you want to know how I choose my light source?  A nice rule of thumb is to have the light source coming from the direction the character is looking.  This would put the “sun” in this elf’s face.  It draws attention to the “main” focus.  If the elf was looking to the left then that would be my light source…and of course if the character is looking straight at you the light source would be in front.  I hope that helps.  Now go color something!

You can find the Candy Elf in the store HERE
Copic colors used :
candy cane – R27 46 59 C1 3 5
Green – YG93 95 97
Blue – B91 95 97
skin – E50 51 11 23
hair – YR23 E35 E57

3 thoughts on ““Sweet” Elf

  1. Beautiful card!! You are such an inspiration. Please do not stop Color of the Day, it is so helpful for beginners like me. I just hope I have all 100, will have to check. I use your colors on most of my card making projects. Thank you so very much. Hugs

  2. How cute! Love how the whole thing turned out. Nice touch with the cute belt too. One of these days, I'm gonna get the guts and enter a MIC challenge. 🙂

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