Extreme Altering! Be Afraid!! Be Very Afraid!!

If you get scared easily…run now…run fast! 
DISCLAIMER – Altering to the extreme!  Sorry in advance if this is not your style, or you are somehow offended.  This was not my intention but rather to show how things don’t have to always be as they seem with a little creativity.
So an extremely talented friend of mine, Barb, challenged me to take a sweet image and alter it.  It had to be scary or ugly when completed.  She gave me a choice of 4 images to choose from from MakeItCrafty.com.  This is the image below that I chose and the process by which I created this monstrous creature. You MUST go see my friend Barb’s creation as well.  You will DIE!  Enter into the mind of Barb HERE

Please remember that not all companies are okay with this process of altering their images.  Please be respectful and make sure it is okay before you proceed.  I don’t want to here them tell me “Jenn said it was okay”  Hugs!!  Have fun!!
Copics abused in the making of this image:
W10 W8 W6 E44 E43 E42 E41 BV29 BV25 BV23 BV20 RV99 R59 R46 R14 C3

11 thoughts on “Extreme Altering! Be Afraid!! Be Very Afraid!!

  1. Awesomesauce! This is the best and you got me hooked with the first step! 😀 It actually gives me some ideas… hmmmm… I wonder. LOL This is just amazing – when you get some free time, I have another idea I want to share. He he he… but you have to wait. Stay… wait… good Jenn, good girl! 😛

  2. Charlene and I are twins separated 30 years apart at birth… once again..what she said. and… Charlene.. I love that you like my comments. They truly come from the heart. Just like yours apparently.

  3. OMG this is actually insane cool, I love it! So freaky, really well done, can't get over how amazing it is, so different from the original image!

    Tanya xx

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