Thank You – Dreamweaver

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Look at what a simple pear shape can be made to look like…I call it Jentangle, cause I know very little about Zentangle but love to create shapes and patterns.  Thank you Dreamweaver for these amazing open shape metal stencils!  More to come in the near future.  I used Copic multilines .3 and .5 as well as N1 N3 N5 N7 N9 for the shadowing.

Dreamweaver Stencils by Lynell Harlow # LL563

7 thoughts on “Thank You – Dreamweaver

  1. Wow!! What an awesome outcome Jennifer! You can no longer say you know very little about zentagle. This piece of art shows that you are a SME (Subject Matter Expert)!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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