I have Gone MAD!

Yes, I have!  

 I just needed a break from coloring other peoples amazing images.  I just want to produce something other than a card.  Something big enough to put on my wall.  Like a mad scientist I swept all of my art supplies off my studio table (okay, my Copics were carefully set aside), with one swell-foop it was all gone!  Digging frantically into my art supplies paint drawer saw my acrylic paints and brushes.  I dusted off my Acrylic paints and brushes, my poor neglected art medium.  I grabbed an old canvas buried back in the back of my closet and prying the dried on lids off my paint, I created my color pallet.  My heart was racing…10 years since I have touched my poor little paint tubes.  I grabbed some old photos I had taken a few years back, taking a deep breath I was ready!!

Here is what I have accomplished on my painting of water drops on a poppy stem.  This will be one canvas of a series of 3.   I will show more as I complete another portion.

Painted with old acrylic paints..and loving it!  BTW getting old sucks…had to borrow the hubby’s glasses so I could see…guess it is time to go get my eyes checked.

16 thoughts on “I have Gone MAD!

  1. Keep it real my friend… you are amazingly talented! BTW: the Captain's glasses are too big, you look like a doofus (ROFLMAO)

  2. Gorgeous Jess – Can't believe you haven't painted in awhile – we really need to get together soon so you can add some tangles to the mix…. You are SO creative – hope to see you at one of the card classes soon. Can't wait to see the other two completed canvasses.

  3. Well Jenn – my hands can't find the right keys – you wanted a new name right – sorry. That's another reason I hate this getting older cycle, but its better than the alternative – see you soon.

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