Showing off the Shine!

I love shoes.  My favorite shoes are my Dr. Martens (bought by my hubby in San Francisco).  They have “me” written all over them.  I thought I would try my hand at drawing a pair and then coloring them up.  I also wanted to challenge myself with patent leather.  So here is my…attempt.  I have to admit I let out a squeal of delight when I was done!!

From Photo…

To Finished…
C1 C3 C5 C8 C10 Y26 Y28

21 thoughts on “Showing off the Shine!

  1. Jenn, they came out just AWESOME!!! Couldn't have done a better job, seriously. They look REAL!

  2. Someone sure has shiny shoes!! The only footwear in our house that gleams like that are Ben's RAF boots but then he has spent many many hours polishing them!
    Fab colour work Jenn.

  3. OMG they look ever so real! Beautiful. I am a big fan of Martens too, don't have any other shoes in the house :)))) well I have a Getta Grip also, but others are all Martens. Hugs! Mojca

  4. this is amazing! i was confused when scrolling down the Copic FB page…i thought, why are they posting photos of boots?? lol– that is some awesome coloring girl!!

    thanks for beautiful inspiration!


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