Daddy…Pull My Finger!

With Fathers Day coming I felt this was only appropriate.  Remember that little joke that all dads do…don’t they?  This image is from DoodleDragons Members Only images.


C1 C3 C5 C7 YR23 E31 E33 E35 E57 E79 and 3 greens….oopsy, forgot them…thinkin it was G29 and such.


6 thoughts on “Daddy…Pull My Finger!

  1. I know its for members only.. but is there a way for a new member to purchase a 1 month subscription that includes this stamp? I am in LOVE with him and I know a perfect guy to give it to….

  2. Cute card, saw you in Make it Crafty Newsletter, and, after an internet search, popped over to follow you. Your skills are awesome. Looking forward to your future posts. Hugs lin

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