Wanna Play Paper Dolls?

This is Trudy one of Mo’s adorable images.  I colored her up (she is 7″ tall) and colored a few dresses too.  She is placed on a card but popped up so her dresses still can be removed and changed out.  I had a blast coloring something for ME (well its a gift).  I am posting it on Mo’s facebook for a contest.  I will update the post in the morning with all the colors I used (they are all over my desk right now and I am writing from the comforts of my pillow).

**Update – Colors used:  T10 T7 T5 T3 T1 grey and dots, Y21 E11 E35 hair, E50 E51 E11 V20 skin, V12 V15 V17 sucker/purple dress, R05 R46 R59 red dress, R20 R21 R22 package

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