A Lotta Color

 Found this image online and had to color it up.  This is actually the color of these flowers.  They are called Celosia  and they are beautiful fuzzy flowers.  I colored this up a few weeks back and since have lost my sticky note with all the colors I used.  If I find it I will add it back in.  Just thought i would get a post out to all of my peeps for inspiration.

Link to image HERE
Photo of actual Celosia

12 thoughts on “A Lotta Color

  1. Gorgeous! Wish I could find that image… I had planted some of these one year. Really beautiful, and the bees loved them.

  2. your colouring is amazing! I am your new follower, came through dustin pike blog and just love all your beautiful creations.
    happy crafting!

  3. Hi Jen- that card is gorgeous, the colors are beauty!!! Can you share where the image came from? Very awesome!

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