S-lack of Posting…excuses!

Okay,  I have a whole list of excuses for you for my lack or slack of posting.  First let me start out by saying I had a tremendous 2 weeks, but with all the excitement I have had to neglect some things…YOU, my blog friends and students.  My Bad…I will try to avoid that in the future.

#1 Excuse:  I took the Copic Intermediate Certification class Monday.  I had the most wonderful time meeting the amazing teachers Debbie Olsen and Colleen Schaan.  Talk about teaching a class as it should be taught!  The class was full of tremendous information and gave me a heck of a lot of inspiration.   I left the class inspired to “step out of my box”   I call it the “Marianne”…it needs more, add purple!  We will be doing a lot more “Marianne” in the future.

#2 Excuse:  After the Certification class I was invited to meet with Marianne Walker at the convention.  What a privilege!  I picked her brain and rediscovered an amazing talented, creative artist with great ideas, a wonderful heart and a love for Copics.  I got to see her latest book of which I encourage you to pick up.  The title is Shadows & Shading.

#3 Excuse:  That evening I was invited to meet with the Extremely talented Fran Seiford (owner of Stampendous)…could my body handle any more fabulous excitement?  For one whole day I felt like a super star!  I had a lovely dinner and we talked and talked.  She was full of encouragement and support.  I love to create for such a wonderful company full of bubbly personality and again a passion and love for art.

#3 Excuse:  Gosh, on top of that….I was left with a very short time to prep for Class 4 of the Build-A-Book happening the following morning…up till midnight, drawing, scanning, coloring, cutting….up at 5am prepping creating…….6 wonderful Hours of classes at The Paper Vineyard with my VERY TALENTED student.  Home at 10pm…zzzzzzzz

#4 Excuse:  Well today I prep for my class that I have tonight (thank you Gale for prepping my cards for me…I wouldn’t have survived without you!)….And I have 9 hours of classes tomorrow, and I am almost completely prepped for that too……

So see…this girl has been busy!!!  But all excuses aside I DO have stuff to show.  Oh did I forget to mention I did a crafting marathon.  The NEW stampendous products are so close to be revealed and i had 5 days of feverishly stamping coloring cutting…….distressing!  I cant wait to show you!  My DH has forgiven the lack of meals, the house upside down and wife gone out of his life for a week.  He is such a support.

I promise I am almost done here….hang in there!  So while I should have been prepping for yesterdays class…..okay the printer was working….I was coloring a “Marianne”.  I am gonna share what I learned soon…but check this out!! Doesnt look like I paper pieced this…all just coloring!

 Keep playing, Keep Dreaming, Keep Coloring!

Jennifer Dove

13 thoughts on “S-lack of Posting…excuses!

  1. None of that surprises me…and I can hardly wait until our Book Building class tomorrow…I am convinced that I am taking my Copic classes from one of the best!

  2. wowser… at first when i saw the flowers….no biggie…but upon reading your post, then examining your coloring…i am wowed!!!!!! Wow.. you are a superstar to be hanging with such superstars 🙂
    My boyz are calling my class "marker class" and they just don't get how I need 6 classes of 3 hour sessions of "coloring" – LOL
    Silly boyz, markers are for girls! 🙂

  3. Sorry I did not get to meet or talkI with you at the Intermediate Class on Monday. I was there and would have loved to meet you personally. I guess we had too much to learn to take the time to introduce ourselselves.
    I agree the class was fabulous!! I felt like I was at the Julliard School of Music for Copic Markers instead of music.

  4. You've definitely got your 'marianne' on. Debbie & Colleen were fabulous teachers and it was a blast listening to them encourage us to go darker – go darker! It really does make a difference and you've got the knack gal! I'm sorry I'm missing out on your book classes right now but I hope to catch up with you in your future classes.

  5. I don't consider those "Excuses", I consider those as "REASONS" – You are an amazing talent that even you yourself are discovering… Imagine when you "learn it all" and put that with what you invent and come up with yourself… AMAZING things are coming your way!!

    Again, let me say… YOU BLOW ME AWAY!

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