Bog-Iversary Winners are……

Thank you for all your wonderful comments.  I had a lot of fun doing this hop!  And now the winners are…………
Dustin’s Blog – Browntigger
Jane’s Blog – Renae (Card Patch)
Ginny’s Blog – Bethany W
Lelia’s Blog – Rhonda Miller
Gramma’s Blog – Vicki (Vmorris7 from Florida)
Charlotte’s Blog – Lillian Child
Jennifer’s Blog – Vickie (havinfuntrying)
Veronica’s Blog – Aga (idocrafts.blogspot)
Rikki’s Blog – luvmy2k9z
Kerri’s Blog – Dania (stories in Pictures)
Contact Dustin at with “blog hop winner” in the title and let him know what your mailing address is so he can send you out your artwork.  You need to let him know by wednesday this week or another winner will be drawn.  Be sure and let him know what who’s blog your name was drawn from so he can confirm.
Jenn Dove

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