Class Time – Hair, Faces and Eyes

Thank you all who where able to make class 3 of the Build-A-Book.  We had such a great time at the two locations.  (Class repeats in 2 more locations next month if you missed it).  As promised here are the finished pictures (or almost…as you fill them in as you get the colors) of what your pages should look like for reference.  I look forward to teaching it again next month.   Keep practicing!

Baby image from

blank eye chart from

7 thoughts on “Class Time – Hair, Faces and Eyes

  1. Amazing Jen! I've only mastered one skin tone as yet so I've snagged the piccy – AZ is a little too far for this Limey to travel for classes (sadly)!!

  2. This stuff is great… how nice of you to share these images. I'd love to take one of your classes… when are you coming to WNY?

  3. How beautiful, I RARELY see AA skin colored so beautifully. Normally it's dark to smut looking but this image of the baby has taken my breath away. The majority of the tuts are for lighter to very pale skin tones. Thank you for doing this.
    Being an AA woman who uses Copic Markers it pleases me to see that someone took the time to do this.

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