It’s A Blue Kind of Christmas

I love the way the coloring turned out on this card.  The stamp is by Magenta.  I wanted to make the flowers “pop” so I colored the backgrounds with a neutral color, like as if I were making a monochromatic card.  Then added the one other color I desired…okay two, I forgot about the leaves.  I made this card in red also, but the blue was better in the end.

Thanks to my friends Marty for bringing over this stamp to use at our little play-date. 

8 thoughts on “It’s A Blue Kind of Christmas

  1. Jenn! This is stunning! Is that one large square stamp or smaller rectangular/square stamps that you arranged like a mosaic? Just beautiful! Do you happen to have a name of the stamp set or even better… a link? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Jenn, finally had a chance to see what I've been missing over the last few weeks with the play going on. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poinsettia card and will be looking for a 'private lesson' on how you did this when I see you next time. Amazing, as always!

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