Last Day to get SPOOKY!

Its a scary day my friends.  One this day we actually give tons of candy to kids…yes, we give it away even though we know it rots their teeth and causes them to climb walls with a single leap.  We hide our children’s faces with paint as if to say..this is not really my kid that is climbing the walls and ringing your doorbell like as if you wouldn’t open the door and give them candy on the first ring.  Yes, my friends a scary day.

And this day bring to a close the final day to enter something on Danielle’s Blog for your chance to get amazing stampers candy.  That’s right…you should be scared…cause I just entered something 🙂  Run, Hide….don’t enter, cause I WANT IT ALL.  No worries…its a random drawing..someone is gonna be happily scared!  Here is my entry.  I made something another one a few years back and just had to make it again.  I love these boxes!  Remember its got to be scary, mental or manic!

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