A Little Sexy

Okay…over 3 hours later….This is an incredible little corset bag and box made out of paper.  The corset stands about 4″ tall.  It was very time consuming but worth ever minute I worked on it.  You can get the template at CARD CAROUSEL .  

I made this for a dear friend who is getting married soon.  It was for her wedding shower and of course it wouldnt be complete without a Victoria’s Secret gift card inside šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “A Little Sexy

  1. This is absolutely darling! Makes me want to have a girlfriend soon to be married so I could make one too! Love the black and pink and the corset ribbons are perfect.

  2. That has to be absolutely the cutest thing ever! And I'm not usually a "PINK" person! (Pink, the singer, yes; pink, the color, no)Your friend will LOVE it!

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