7 thoughts on “Baby Tumbling Blocks

  1. Too stinking cute Jenn……Mum is the word on the secret…LOL. Love the finished project, now finish the other 500 things you have in the works. I know…look whos talking.

  2. Jenn…
    You are killing me…I have been waiting a MONTH for the secret. Please do tell…pleeeease!

    I love ALL your work! You are inspirational to me.

  3. i will find time to post a tutorial or at least a few photos some day…but for those that read the comments…i poked holes in the blocks using wooden skewers. cut the skewers to the length of 2 blocks and inserted the skewer to hold 2 boxes together. then repeat this with a few more boxes. I glued around the hole so the skewer would not come out.

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