I don’t normally post about my personal life, as I feel my life is portrayed through my artwork. But today is different. Today a very special person in my life has left this world and has gone to a better place. My grandma, who beat the odds and was turning 101 next month tried knitting a hat before taking her last breath. She passed away doing what she loved to do, surrounded by those who loved her. I will always remember her laugh, her bad jokes and her beautiful smile. As I write this through tears…I want the world to know that my grandma meant the world to me, and always will. This is the letter I wrote to her for her 100th birthday. I love you grandma! You finally got to go to a place full of all the yarn you can use, and I know God yelled BINGO when He saw You arrived at the Pearly Gates.

Grandma, can you believe 100 years have passed and here you are today in your beautiful glory? I am so proud of all you’ve done, and who you are today. You are a strong person who has lived her life to its fullest.

I have been thinking about what to write you and remembering all the wonderful times we have shared together. Do you remember when I visited you in Boulder, CO? I remember sitting on your balcony enjoying your company with the sun above our head and the snow on the ground. I remember you parading me around to all your friend’s rooms, showing off your “granddaughter”. I remember you going through your closet and finding all these wonderful treasures for me to have. Your closet was full of boxes of buttons, ribbons, trinkets and yarn. We spent hours looking though your treasure trove. I think about all the times you let me take you to Bingo. When you let me use your best “special” daubers and again showed me off to your friends. You always bragged about all the stuff I accomplished.

You are always the “warm fuzzy” grandma to me. Your fun and energy always radiates to everyone around. You were so funny when you crammed creamers in your pocket at restaurants for the morning coffee at home. All the napkins we could ever need were always in your purse. You taught me we could eat a “salad” from all the extra condiments they put out at the hotdog table for FREE, at the bingo hall. You always had a funny joke printed out and tucked away in some hidden pocket just waiting to be shared with anyone who would listen. Every time we went out, everyone knew you by name. Yetta, what a beautiful name it is. You are amazing!

May your 100th birthday bring you so many joys you deserve. You are the queen. You deserve a crown. I will love you forever.

Happy Birthday!

Love your granddaughter,

Jennifer Dove

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  1. Jenn, My heart is breaking for you on this sad day. Your letter to your grandma was probably the best present she received. Remember all the good times and feel truly blessed to have had your grandma for so long. You can see the beauty radiate from her picture. God Bless you my dear friend.

  2. what a lovely tribute to someone very special. All we can hope for in our lives is to touch just one persons heart before we leave this earth and she has accomplished that. thanks for sharing a a piece of it with us

  3. Thank you for sharing your grandmother with us. I can see that she was a very special woman. Her eyes radiate joy. May you feel God’s comfort surround you, and hold on to the great memories you have made with your special grandmother. God bless you!

  4. Well Jenn, I do not know you but I was browsing your blog and came across this post. Your post deeply touched my heart as I lost my Mamaw (grandma) in June of 2006 and when I lost her I lost my best friend. I totally understand the pain of that loss and I’m very sorry you have had to experience it this year. I still think of my Mamaw every day but I am able to picture her walking with her Lord and I can actually smile. Please know that the Lord sits so close to us during these tough times all we have to do is lean on Him! May God be near you through this time and thank you for allowing me to reflect a little this evening. I may have to blog about my Mamay tonight!

    Kim Carter

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