Where Has The Time Gone

Where Has The Time GoneWhy is it that when we finally get into a groove (whatever we may be trying to accomplish) that the time seems to be gone within a blink of an eye? I have been working on making lists of things that need to be completed, no matter how big or small the task is…its put on a list. I love the feeling of crossing an item off. Today was fun. Organizing the warehouse, unpacking NEW items for the store, always reordering…and somehow finding time to start another project. Today TIME was on my side. Speaking of TIME….Now is the time to start planning your Christmas gifts, and making your cards. Check out Just4funcrafts to get your items to create with, at wonderfully LOW prices. How about a cute PIZZA BOX ALBUM or a nice CLEAR PAIL filled with goodies….NOW is the time to make your list and start planning….don’t tell me later that I didn’t remind you to get started now. So, go make your list and check it twice!

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