Oh Teacher……

…they are picking on me!!

This Paper Bag Album, with inspirational sentiments was made for a wonderful teacher that my son had. She puts extra time into knowing her students, so she can teach them in the way that works for each of them individually. We, as teachers of art should do the same with our adult students, who are craving to learn. Each one learns differently. Some by way of showing, some by way of telling.

This gift was made for her with pockets so each student could write about what she meant to them…she walked away with their memories of her. Great teachers are hard to come by…I am glad we were blessed with this one. Thank you Ms. Hamrick! Find someone in your life that has made you smile, and return the favor in some way.

Thnk you Lois for pointing this slide show thingy out to me…You rock!

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